AlterMo よこ式 Thermo Detector


digital production

We are a design studio in Japan that works in the
realms of advertisement, web/smartphone apps and IoT.

What we do

Solving problems through design and technology

We provide technical support to create new value and design and to solve problems. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable researchers and engineers provide front-end, server-side and Experienced designers with a focus on diverse development, including iOS and Android, IoT and AI. The team is involved in a wide range of design fields from web, DTP, video and 3D. We are challenging to create new value.
Specializing in the mobile field, and responding flexibly from research, planning, design, development to operation and improvement. Our strength is our total support system that allows us to provide total support. In addition, we also provide support for human resource development in rural areas through education and employment support by using the technology and knowledge gained from joint research. It is expanding.

What we are

People who want to make the world more interesting are coming to factory4!

factory4 is having fun while challenging the unknown in order to create a more interesting world! We strive to improve our team's productivity and technology by making use of each member's individuality and ability. We strive to improve our team's productivity and technology on a daily basis, making the most of each member's individuality and ability. Our desire to create interesting products has led us to actively engage in in-house development.
We take the first step toward the creation of new value by working on joint research that has the potential to change the world as we see it today, and by facing our clients' challenges and requests with sincerity and leading them to solutions.