For remote work! Why don’t you buy some good coffee beans and have a cafe at home?

  • For remote work! Why don’t you buy some good coffee beans and have a cafe at home?

We’ve put together a list of recommended coffee roasters where you can mail order quality beans!

Hello, I’m factory4 designer Shintani!

Do you ever feel the need to relax or change your mind while working remotely?
At times like this, I drink a cup of “good coffee” as I am a great lover of coffee.
This will naturally change your mind and help you to get more work done.
It is also recommended for those who stay at home or refrain from going out. A good cup of coffee, carefully brewed, will definitely lift your spirits.

Buy “Good Coffee Beans” by mail

The coffee you usually drink at cafes and coffee shops is delicious, but these days, there are many shops, not only in Tokyo, but all over the country, where you can drink “delicious coffee” that is particular about the origin, roasting and brewing method of the coffee beans.
In this article, we would like to bring you a selection of the best shops where you can mail order coffee beans even though you can’t go out like this. I think. (Information is current at the time of publication. For more information, please check the official website in advance.


A restaurant with a Scandinavian atmosphere where you can enjoy the taste of a unique Nordic roast

The first shop I would like to introduce to you is FUGLEN TOKYO, located about a 5 minute walk from Yoyogi Park and Yoyogi Hachiman Station.
This is the first shop outside of Japan of a popular coffee shop that came to Japan from Oslo, Norway. The shop is a renovated house with a vintage Scandinavian design. The shop also serves as a showroom for Scandinavian furniture, and you can purchase the interior design of the shop. It is
In addition to counter and sofa seating, there is also open-air seating, where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while soaking up the sunshine on a nice day.
The secret of the coffee with a fresh taste that is refreshingly sweet is our original Nordic roast. You can taste the coffee differently from other shops. The ale beer served during the evening bar time is also excellent, and you can enjoy a different atmosphere between day and night. You can

At the online shop, you can buy coffee beans (of course, you can order ground coffee beans as well as beans for drip use), as well as FUGLEN original mugs and other items.



With four locations in Tokyo’s Sangenjaya district, we are a leading provider of coffee culture.

Next, I would like to introduce you to OBSCURA COFFEE ROASTERS. This is a shop that buys high quality coffee beans from all over the world, roasts them in-house, and serves them.
This shop has four different coffee shops with different characteristics: “Cafe Obscura”, “Obscura Laboratory”, “Obscura Mart”, and “Obscura Factory”, and is a source of coffee culture from Sangenjaya.
The first restaurant, Cafe Obscura, is located in a quiet area and has a very relaxed atmosphere. Siphoned specialty coffee. The Obscura Mart offers freshly roasted coffee beans, mugs, and home brewed coffee. The shop sells coffee-related equipment and gifts for coffee shops, and the barista will give you advice on how to choose coffee beans and how to brew coffee at home. In addition, baristas can offer advice on how to choose coffee beans and how to brew coffee at home. They do.

In addition to coffee, the online shop also offers seasonal products, as well as gift items that are packaged to make a great gift, making it a great choice for a thoughtful gift.



A place to connect with people through coffee

ONIBUS COFFEE, which currently has six stores, including the first one in Okusawa. 3. They use coffee beans from all over the world and are very particular about the quality and transparency of the production process. We choose what we can recommend at that time. We choose what we can recommend at the time, and our supplier changes depending on the time of year, so various flavors are available. The key is to enjoy it.
The store’s showcase is filled with beautifully packaged coffee beans. They also offer workshops for the public, such as cupping sessions and hand-drip workshops. The author has been able to participate in this event several times.
Every time I attend, I strongly feel that people are aware of the connection between people.

In addition to coffee, we also offer original baked goods called “myown,” which are made with ingredients that are easy on the body. You can also buy the “RelRABO” series. ONIBUS COFFEE from ceramic artist Yumiko Iihoshiko’s popular “RelRABO” series We also have original cups in custom colors and more. Very smooth to the touch, making the wonderful aroma and taste more pronounced with each sip of coffee! You can enjoy it.
The author bought a size M cup in the old days in the store.



Bringing coffee culture from Kofu, Yamanashi

AKITO COFFEE is located on Takeda Street at the north exit of Kofu Station in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture. In 2019, AKITO, a roasting plant and cafe in a renovated former soy sauce warehouse in Joto We also opened “COFFEE @ Tane”.
The coffee is made in a different space than coffee roasters in Tokyo, and the atmosphere and You can feel the attention to detail in every corner of the shop, including the interior. It is one of the few places in Yamanashi where you can visit overseas coffee roasters and farms to enjoy coffee to your satisfaction. This is a shop that roasts its own beer.
In addition, their homemade pound cakes, which are carefully made one by one, are so delicious that they have many fans not only from the local area but also from far away.
Whenever I visit the Kofu Development Lab at factory4, I always stop by their shop.

The online store is a great place to buy coffee beans as well as watered-down coffee packs and popular baked goods sets.



Making good coffee more accessible

SWITCH COFFEE is located in the quiet residential area of Meguro and right in front of Yoyogi-Hachiman Station on the Odakyu Line.
Both shops are marked by their bright blue entrances. We buy coffee directly from the producers of coffee from all over the world, selected for quality, and we make sure that the quality of the beans is as good as it can be. The shop is carefully roasted and sold in a way that meets the needs of the customer.
The shop is mainly a take-out shop, and you can feel their commitment to the beans. The packaging for the coffee beans is simple, stylish and easy to read and select. It’s also fun.

Online, we offer a monthly subscription that delivers recommended coffees to your home. At the beginning of each month, you will receive 250 grams of single origin coffee for the recommended filter. service. I can’t wait to see what kind of coffee I’ll receive each month.


6.Shimokitazawa COFFEA EXLIBRIS

A solitary specialty coffee roaster in Shimokitazawa

COFFEA EXLIBRIS kettle in Higashi-fuchu and a little further out in Shimokitazawa COFFEA EXLIBRIS. The restaurant is a solitary masterpiece that prohibits photography inside.
The renovated interior with plastered walls, well-worn wooden floors, and small, delicate furniture create a calm atmosphere that makes you want to stay for a while.
The owner carefully selects and buys high quality beans that are carefully crafted by the producers and roasts them. The coffee brewed by the French press has a rich flavor and taste that spreads directly in your mouth.
There are many different types of beans, and just like wine, the owner carefully showed us how to examine the origin and enjoy the flavors.

It’s also very interesting to note that not only the coffee but also the sweets are very particular, and they list the recommended coffee to go with the sweets to pair with them.
For toast, they use bread from KAISO, a solitary shop in Shimokitazawa. The combination of toast and coffee is luxurious and wonderful.

The online store offers not only coffee beans, but also cups, sweets, gift sets, tools, and more and postcards, etc. Please check it out.



It’s not easy to enjoy a cup of coffee at a shop nowadays, but why not enjoy a different kind of “delicious coffee” at home, “in between work”, “after lunch”, or “when you want to refresh yourself”?
(Information is current at the time of publication. Please check the official website and Instagram for more information.

That’s all. That was Shintani, the coffee lover!