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Detecting anomalies by setting up lines and notifying the results.

  • 検知アプリ「altermo」の使い方


The features of AlterMo

"AlterMo" is an application that uses the camera of an Android smartphone to monitor objects in real-time by drawing lines, and detects anomalies. When anomalies such as changes in color or movement are detected within the lines, immediate notifications are sent through webhook integration with external services such as Slack. It allows for easy setup of remote monitoring systems through simple operations.


"AlterMo" is not just an ordinary app. It's a customizable solution that solves your challenges and perfectly aligns with your needs. It seamlessly integrates with existing systems and devices, leveraging the power of AI and IoT technology to streamline your daily life and business operations.

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How to Use

The ultimate in simplicity in operation and installation

Upon launching the app, draw lines on the smartphone screen to set up triggers. When an object touches those lines, it will detect anomalies. The detection targets can be customized according to your needs.

  • altermo起動して設置します
    1.Launch and Setup

    Launch the Android app and set it up.

    Securely position your smartphone towards the angle or object you want to detect.

  • altermoで線で仕掛けを作ります
    2.Draw a line

    Place a line in the space.

    While looking at the smartphone screen, draw lines in the desired space to create triggers for monitoring.

  • altermoが検知して通知します
    3.Detection and notification

    Detect anomalies and notify

    When an object touches the line, it detects anomalies. The detection targets can be changed in the settings, and you can receive immediate notifications through integrated external services (such as Slack).


Monitor only the desired objects for detection

You can freely draw lines to define the spaces you want to monitor, such as corridors or doors. You can specify the areas you want to detect. Additionally, you can set parameters such as detection time and method, specifying colors or moving objects (color detection, motion detection), allowing for customization to various use cases.

  • 動体検知

    Motion detection

    While looking at the screen, you can adjust the sensitivity to moving objects and change the amount of background motion difference. By adjusting it along with the detection time, you can narrow down the targets you want to capture.

  • 色検知

    Color detection

    If the object you want to detect is wearing blue clothing, you can adjust the parameters in the color settings accordingly. By setting a tolerance value, you can include similar colors while still capturing the target.

  • 検知時間

    Detection Duration Settings

    You can set the interval from the beginning to the end of detection, allowing you to tailor it to various use cases such as ignoring fast-moving objects and detecting slow-moving ones.


You can configure settings in detail on your smartphone

By setting up your smartphone and drawing lines, detection automatically begins. You can customize the objects you want to detect according to your needs. For example, by adjusting parameters in the color picker to specify colors, you can intuitively identify the objects you want to detect while previewing.

AltreMo設定画面   AltreMo設定画面

Use Case

Realize custom monitoring solutions with AlterMo

With just one Android device, 'AlterMo' allows for easy monitoring and caregiving, and can notify results through integration with external services. It can be utilized as a flexible monitoring tool that adapts to various use cases.

  • AlterMoユースケース
    Hospital entrances, corridors, facilities, and lobby control and management
  • AlterMoユースケース
    Home security for areas such as houses, hallways, and parking lots
  • Logistics management of lanes and conveyors for products or agricultural produce
  • Warning for restricted areas such as factories

By specifying the target for monitoring and caregiving based on 'motion' or 'color', and also setting the detection time, 'AlterMo' effectively addresses needs that cannot be solved solely by camera installation. For example, let's set the detection time to 6 seconds. It will only notify about illegally parked bicycles, ignoring objects (in this case, people) that pass by without stopping.


For customers who wish to customize the detection app

By customizing 'AlterMo,' you can utilize it as a flexible monitoring and caregiving tool that adapts to various scenarios. We provide support to address needs that cannot be met solely by camera installation, enabling more effective monitoring and caregiving.

Experience sessions at YOXO FESTIVAL 2024

We will conduct a demo with added motion and color detection, as well as monitoring functionality

We conducted an AlterMo experience session at the 'YOXO FESTIVAL 2024' in Yokohama Mirai Experience. We invited participating companies and general users to try out the app, and received positive feedback. We plan to actively participate in future events and workshops to provide more opportunities for direct experience.

You can download the free version here! Try it out!


The free version offers basic features, while paid customization provides additional options

Detection rangeIt conforms to the lens angle of the smartphone camera
Measuring distanceThe display range of the smartphone camera
Motion detection☑️
Color detection☑️
Counting function☑️(Available as an option)
AI-based detection of humans and animals.☑️(Available as an option)
Direction and speed detection☑️(Available as an option)

【AlterMo Customization Example】

・Counting Functionality - Adding a counting feature to the drawn lines.
・Person Detection - Using AI to recognize only people.
・Animal Detection - Recognizing specific animals such as monkeys or bears.
・Direction or Velocity Detection - Obtaining the direction or velocity of the object touching the drawn lines.
■ Recommended Installation Environment
Detection Range: It detects within the camera's field of view on the smartphone.
Recommended Environmental Temperature: It is recommended to be between 0 to 25 degrees Celsius.
Installation Location: It is best suited for indoors or outdoors with minimal vibration.
■ Precautions
※ This app detects using the camera built into the smartphone. However, depending on the resolution, environment, and settings, it may not detect anomalies correctly.
※ Battery consumption may vary depending on the surrounding temperature and environment.
※ To accurately detect objects, please choose an installation method with minimal vibration as much as possible.


For support or inquiries about the app

Please review the privacy policy of the app below, and kindly use 'AlterMo' after understanding its content.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding customization