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Thermo Detector

Temperature Detection App


Rugged and tough smartphone CAT S61 and app to take temperatures and notify you by voice

Thermo AI Voice Guide" is a body temperature detection application that uses AI-based face detection technology and A CAT S61 smartphone with a thermal imaging camera is used. It detects a person's face in a non-contact mode and then focuses on the forehead to measure the temperature of the skin. It then determines if the person has a fever or not.

ThermoDetector application image
体温検知アプリ「Thermo detector」の使い方
体温検知アプリ「Thermo detector」拡張機能

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How to Use

Ultimate simplicity of operation and installation

Measuring and judging is very easy. Turn on your phone and start the pre-installed ThermoDetector body temperature detection app. All you have to do is follow the voice and turn to your phone's camera to get a voice notification of the results in about 2 to 3 seconds.

The best place to set up your phone is within about 1.5 meters of a person passing by. You can use a tripod, place your phone stand on a shelf or other surface, or use a flexible There are many ways to install it, including using a phone holder.

  • CAT S61の電源を入れます
    1. Startup

    Turn on the S61 and start the application.

    Once the app is launched, you can start to detect your body temperature. If there is an error, please follow the voice and wait for 30 seconds for the system to adjust.

  • サーマルカメラで体温計測します
    2. Measurement

    Thermal Camera for Body Temperature Detection

    Stand in front of the camera at a location within about 1.5 meters from your phone, facing the camera. It detects your face and measures your body temperature in about a second on your forehead.

  • 3. Audio results

    Voice notification of judgment results

    Please pass" if the temperature is within the normal range, "Fever" if the temperature is high We have detected a Please take your temperature with a thermometer," the voice tells you.


Body temperature detection using AI

With the use of AI to detect the face and estimate the body temperature, it is possible to measure the body surface temperature with a margin of error of ±0.5 degrees Celsius based on body surface temperature measured by the thermal camera. Measure your body temperature.

  • 顔検出

    face detection

    Identify a person's "face" by using AI to detect the face

  • 測定点の特定

    Specify the forehead area in pixels

    Detects the position of the "forehead" when the forehead area is between 1500-3000px (can be changed in the settings).

  • 体表温度の測定

    Measurement of body surface temperature

    The thermal imaging camera captures body surface temperatures from 9 points

Use Case

It can be used in a variety of situations.

The system is expected to be very effective in reducing the risk of infection, which is required of businesses. Thorough management of body temperature is carried out and the body temperature of visitors can be measured automatically without human intervention, thus reducing the risk of contact infection at the time of temperature checks. We can eliminate risk while keeping labor costs low.

  • Hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Office Entrance
  • Facility and event venue reception
  • Food, drink and retail stores


To all those who are considering implementing the app

The Thermo AI Voice Guide set of body temperature detection apps has been initialized for the device. We will deliver it to you in its original state. There is no need for troublesome settings, just connect to Wi-Fi (mobile communication) and start using it!

Demonstration Experiment at Yamanashi Industrial Technology Center

Verification with additional monitoring capabilities

Basic performance and set contents

Measurement range30℃~ 45℃ ±0.5°C
Measuring distance0.5〜1.5m
Mask wear detection
API integration
facial recognition○(option)
Diligence management○(option)
Set Up Firstindoor

【TYPE-A Set Contents】

Automatic update function of the "Thermo AI Voice Guide" application
CAT S61 (Android 9.0 Pie), a highly robust and tough smartphone
WEB Manual PDF
Smartphone S61 x 1
■Recommended installation environment
Measurement distance: About 1ft 7.7in
Environment temperature: 71.6~77℉
Location: Indoors with no wind and little temperature variation, no other heat source in the display
This application uses a smartphone's built-in thermographic camera to detect the temperature. It is not a thermometer as a medical device and the displayed temperature is for reference only.
It is not a medical device and the displayed temperature is for reference. Please do the following.
In order to detect the temperature of your forehead correctly, it is recommended to remove the hat etc. that is placed on your forehead.

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Body Temperature Detection App

You can download the "Thermo AI Voice Guide" manual here.


Notifications to Slack

Download the instructions for linking Slack with the body temperature detection application



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