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We have released “AlterMo,” a new sensation detection app that allows easy monitoring simply by drawing lines.

  • We have released “AlterMo,” a new sensation detection app that allows easy monitoring simply by drawing lines.

The features of AlterMo include

This is an application that allows you to use your Android smartphone to draw lines and perform real-time monitoring and anomaly detection. When anomalies are detected along the drawn lines or within designated areas, immediate notifications can be sent via linked external networks (such as Slack). With its easy operation, anyone can easily set up a remote monitoring system. You can find the application here.

Set Up Monitoring with Lines

When you launch the app, draw lines on the screen to set up your monitoring system. Detection will occur when something interacts with these lines. The targets for detection can be modified in the settings.


Customize Detection Targets to Your Liking

You can freely draw lines to specify the areas you want to monitor. Additionally, you can customize parameters such as detection time and methods. For example, you can specify detection based on “color” or “motion” (using HSV or motion detection). This allows you to tailor the app to various use cases according to your preferences.

Customize Detection Targets to Your Liking

Customize Detection Targets to Your Liking

Set Detection Targets to Skin Color Using Color Specification

As an example, if you want to detect human skin color as the target, adjust the parameters in the HSV settings under the “Color Threshold Settings.” By setting the parameters within acceptable values, you can adjust the range of brightness and saturation to capture the target effectively.

Set Detection Targets Using Motion Detection

With motion detection, you can adjust the amount of background difference. In other words, by changing the threshold, you can increase or decrease the sensitivity and intensity towards moving objects. This allows you to adjust the detection targets while viewing the screen to suit the environment you want to monitor. By combining it with detection time, you can further narrow down the targets you want to capture.

Once the target is set, try touching the designated lines. When detection occurs, the lines will change to red color to notify you. At this point, if you have integrated with an external network such as Slack, it will notify you of the detection results. You can find the integration method via Webhook here.


Use Cases

With an Android device, you can easily conduct monitoring and image detection, and collaborate with external systems to notify results. This allows “AlterMo” to be utilized as a flexible monitoring and caregiving tool that caters to various use cases. It addresses needs that cannot be easily resolved by just installing cameras, enabling effective monitoring and caregiving support.

One example of a use case for AlterMo could be

One Example Use Case

– Hospital entranceways, corridors, and facility or lobby control and management.
– Counting the number of people entering shops, hotels, event venues, etc. (coming soon)
– Sorting lanes and conveyor logistics management for products and crops.
– Surveillance of home or shop parking lots.
– Warning systems for factories or restricted areas.
– And more.


This customizable and versatile app, which can be used in various scenarios, will support your life to be smarter, safer, and more convenient. Experience easy access to safety and efficiency. Download AlterMo now!

Also, please look forward to future updates and new features!

You can download various documents from here.

Notify the detection results to Slack.

Download the procedure for integrating AlterMo with Slack here.

Support and Contact Information for the App

Please check the app’s privacy policy below for more information.

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