You can tell more about yourself in the video.

  • You can tell more about yourself in the video.

We will propose a method that leads to the results you seek

Trend-driven video production with maximum use of design and technology

Today, corporate advertising, sales and support tools, recruiting, regional development and product exhibition are all part of
Video is used in every business scene.

In addition to building the basics of video production, such as planning and storyboarding, we also offer video production that utilizes our experience in research and development, as well as graphic design, website construction, operation and branding.

In today’s world where the use of images is dynamically changing, such as SNS and video distribution, the media and
In addition, we can take a diverse approach with a variety of expressions based on the experience and knowledge we have gained in research and development.


Why are video ads so popular right now?

In implementing digital marketing, video advertising is now a key component of media and website management and It plays an equally important role. Companies that are active in digital marketing are using Instagram, Facebook, We are using YouTube and other sites to develop video advertising. There are various reasons for this, tied to the historical background of the spread of smartphones and SNS.

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For example, on Instagram

Apart from video ads, Instagram offers a variety of ad formats – photo ads, stories ads, carousel ads, collection ads, and discovery tab ads – and you can use each ad for different purposes for your business.
Many companies use IGTV (Instagram TV) as an advertisement.


Diverse video solutions to achieve “communication”.

Drones and 360-degree cameras are for the scene.

We have the flexibility to work with the latest video formats and filming methods, including drone photography, 360-degree video/VR and interactive video.
We can support you in attracting more attention and improving your marketing with our unique ideas that have been researched and developed using the latest technology.

However, the latest equipment and shooting methods don’t always achieve your targets and goals.
We use methods that are appropriate to the situation and objectives to achieve our goals.

Consistent and flexible planning, graphic design and web development

Our staff, who have a full range of techniques and skills, handles everything from planning to production and operation, enabling smooth production progress and high quality production at the same time.
While incorporating the latest trends, we also strive to produce videos that fit the needs of our clients and scenes.
Our production team makes every effort to maximize the results our clients seek. We’ll be there. If you are interested in producing video content, please contact us.

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Contact us to get a quote or to discuss video production

Video Production for Instagram

We handle everything from planning to filming and editing in total.

Instagram now plays a major role in marketing as well as the ability to view photos. At factory4, we’ve created video ads optimized for Instagram and “Instagram Stories, IGTV, and more to increase the value and awareness of your products and services. We can support your business to expand your demand.
We would be happy to help you with your video production needs!


Promotional Video

They attract people who see them and encourage them to buy

We produce videos that appeal to the user in a way that is easy to understand about the features and merits of the product.
We produce videos for corporate PR, education, exhibition promotion, regional development, and documentary, etc., and deliver them to users in a variety of styles to increase purchasing and marketing efficiency.

Benefits of Promotional Video

1.Communicate the features and benefits of your products and brand value in an easy-to-understand manner
2. draws the awareness of your target audience in the midst of information overload
3. Communicate information in a short period of time and accurately convey even intangible products


Company Introduction Video

Express and promote understanding of your company and brand values

We create videos that maximize your company’s value, communicate your message directly, and reinforce your branding by designing a story.
We create stories based on our in-depth interviews about your company’s history, corporate strategy, recruitment strategy, and product and service solution development, and propose videos that fit the scene and purpose.

Advantages of Company and Facility Videos

1. make the message the company wants to express more appealing
2. Appeal virtually through video, regardless of location
3. Increasing transparency and credibility through visualization



Please feel free to contact us for a consultation or price estimate for video production.